Fault Diagnosis

BT Line & Telephone Extension Fault Diagnosis

Firstly let's establish who's responsible for the Fault

The first thing we do is establish Who's Responsible for the fault on your telephone line. If the fault is on the outward side of your master BT box or the first junction box on your property then your line provider is responsible. If the fault is on the inward side of the first junction box or master BT box then your responsible for the fault and its repair.

We will very quickly establish whether the fault is your responsibilty to repair or your line providers. If its your responsibility to have repairs undertaken we can then isolate where the fault is and then quote for those repairs. If your not responsible for the repairs you can contact your line provider to have the repairs carried out, however we may still be able to repair any faults found, your choice.

FREE Estimates for new installations within the Scarborough Area

5 Year Guarantee on repairs and new installations (See Terms And Conditions for more information)

Statistics show that eight out of ten line and broadband faults are found to be within your property. That's an 80% chance you are responsible for the costs incurred resolving them and your service provider will initially charge you upwards of £129.99.

If your service provider repairs the fault for you they may charge even more!

By calling us you could save as much as £84.99 on fault diagnostics and considerably more on repairs and installations.

Get the best out of your telephone line and broadband service

We can move, repair and install telephone extensions in your home or office whether they be simple extensions or more complex multi line systems. Extensions can be a few metres long or many hundreds of yards long and either indoors or outdoors. Incoming BT Lines can be repaired or replaced and even moved to a different entry location around your property.

We only use BT approved CW1128 & CW1411 (External) and CW1308 (Internal) cabling and accessories. All our cables are high speed broadband specification cables providing outstanding download speeds.

We even provide and install telephones for the hard of hearing and the disabled.

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